Holistic Therapist in Ursy, Fribourg

Certified Holotropic Breathwork Companion according to GTT & GLT, Homeopath, CranioSacral Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Artist.

Eva Ursiny Facilitor Holotropic Breathwork Switzerland

About me and my Therapeutic Work

My name is Eva Ursiny and I work as a holistic therapist in Ursy. In my work I always try to combine my life experience and professional expertise. The course of life has already taken me to many places in the world, where I have lived and worked.

A formative phase for me was my time in the Central African Republic and Cameroon, where my first daughter was born. Today I am the happy mother of two wonderful daughters aged 18 and 13.

My therapeutic career began with training as a therapeutic masseuse and commercial masseuse at the WIFI (Vienna Institute of Economics). I completed this in 2000. I then passed the state examination for alternative practitioners in Germany, followed by self-study in the field of homeopathy. In 2018, I completed my diploma in craniosacral therapy at the Upledger Institute in Switzerland. Most recently, I received my certificate as a facilitator for Holotropic Breathwork in 2023. I am fluent in German, English, French, Slovakian, Czech and have a basic knowledge of Russian.

— Eva Ursiny —

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My Therapeutic Techniques

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral therapy according to Upledger is a form of self-exploration with considerable therapeutic potential. It promotes deep relaxation of the tissues and nervous system. Just as the state of the psyche has a direct connection and effect on the body, craniosacral therapy enables connection with stored physical trauma and allows emotions to be discharged. I offer craniosacral therapy in Ursy in the district of Glâne in the canton of Fribourg.

Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork according to Stanislav Grof is a method of deep breathing that aims to explore consciousness and promote mental well-being. It involves rapid, deep breathing, often accompanied by evocative music. During the session, physical sensations, emotions, and images may arise, allowing you to explore and release deep aspects of your subconscious mind. This process can lead to expanded states of consciousness and promote introspection, emotional healing and self-discovery.


Homeopathy is based on the principle of “sameness.” This means that a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person can be used in a very diluted dosage to treat similar symptoms in a sick person. Homeopathic medicines are made from natural substances such as plants, minerals, or animals and are administered in the form of small granules, liquid drops or tablets. The aim is to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms and improve general well-being.

Trauma Therapy

My approach to trauma therapy is based on three key principles: First, it interprets symptoms as a language through which the subconscious communicates. Then these symptoms are analyzed from a psychological perspective. Finally, suitable homeopathic remedies are selected to treat the underlying psychological conflicts.

Eva Ursiny Holistic Therapist
Eva Ursiny Holistic Therapist

“My therapeutic approach goes far beyond the physical and mental level. The more we dare to delve into the depths of the psyche, involving the body, the more amazing the healing and transformative effect. It is with gratitude, admiration, and affection that I look forward to our journey of discovery together.”

— Eva Ursiny —

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