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Eva Ursiny

Holistic Facilitator At Lake Geneva

“My therapeutic approach goes far beyond the physical and mental plane. The more we dare and allow ourselves to explore the psyche’s depths with the involvement of the body, the more astonishing is the healing and transformative effect. With gratitude, admiration, and affection, I am looking forward to our discovery journey together.”

– Eva Ursiny  

Certified by ASCA


My name is Eva Ursiny, and I work as a holistic therapist in Montreux. I try to combine my life experience and professional expertise in my work. The course of life has already taken me to numerous places in the world where I have lived and worked. For me, a formative phase was the time in the Central African Republic and Cameroon, where my first daughter was born. Today I am a happy mother of two wonderful daughters aged 15 and 9.

This wealth of experience as a mom is of great help to me when working with babies and children and mothers and fathers. Direct contact and work with people have always fascinated and fulfilled me deeply.

In 2000 I completed my training as a therapeutic and commercial masseuse at the WIFI – Economic Institute of Vienna. Subsequently, I passed the state exam as a naturopath practitioner in Germany, followed by self-study in homeopathy. I recently received my diploma in CranioSacral Therapy at the Upledger Institute in Switzerland. I am fluent in German, English, French, Slovak, and Czech and have basic skills in Russian.


Holistic Therapy in Montreux Eva Ursiny Lake Geneva Swiss
Spiritual Facilitating in Montreux Eva Ursiny Lake Geneva Swiss

Holistic Therapy & Facilitating in Montreux, Vaud

Several years ago, I became aware of the remarkable healing and transformative properties of expanded states of consciousness. Due to profound personal experiences with the holotropic breathing technique, my therapeutic horizons expanded, and since then, I have enriched my work as a craniosacral therapist.

Both forms of therapy enable the client to reach states of consciousness that are usually closed to everyday consciousness. CST is a gentle way to penetrate these profound levels of consciousness together with the client, to activate the self-healing powers, and use their healing potential. I see myself as a companion to support this process.

The practice of yoga and meditation is a part of my balanced everyday life. With the help of painting and photography, I express the nuances of my feelings, states, and inner visions. In this context, I also utilize the Lucia N°03 meditation lamp.

Touch the inner core

I love holistic work because it fills me with joy to touch and perceive people deep in their souls.

Holistic therapy means exploring the soul together with the client and finding answers to the questions that arise in the process. The awareness-raising of internal communication and the resulting insights are essential vital elements for self-healing.

Always a new experience

I love my calling because I can see myself as part of the whole. The client and the therapist allow each other to experience each other anew and mirror the infinite variability and beauty of human nature.

The holistic experience is like a familiar dance that lets a deep inner love grow, which I personally perceive as a warm, golden light that pulsates in my heart.

Inner evolution for everyone

I love holistic therapy because it allows me to contribute to the collective. It is my calling that fulfills me through and through.

My holistic accompaniment is constructive, supportive, and loving for everyone who feels an inner willingness to transform. Change is the only constant in life, with the immutable, timeless essence lying in the depths of our being and the universe’s heart.

Craniosacral Therapy in Montreux

My primary specialization is visionary work with CranioSacral Therapy. The CST sees body structures not just as a construct of muscles and bones, but as an expression of consciousness. The body also called soma in medicine, is, therefore, a mirror of the psyche. Body structures express themselves through vibrations that a therapist can feel.

The vortices, spirals, and the supporting lines speak a semantic language. The noticeable tides of the so-called cranial wave are also an expression of consciousness’s psychological and spiritual level. For me, visionary work means perceiving this communication with all of our senses.

A structure that is entirely “recognized” reports its internal state. The body communicates when and why a state of tension has arisen. Through the CST therapist, a dialogue develops between the client and the body, enabling the client to reach their inner healer.

Ultimately, it is this intrinsic wisdom that operates the organism’s ability to regulate itself. It is the well-known phenomenon of self-healing powers that are inherent in all of us.

From the perspective of holistic therapy, areas in the body that are charged with tension are mostly energetic blockages in the organism with a psychological cause. Such physical symptoms are often based on emotional trauma. From the perspective of holistic therapy, modalities on the physical level always correspond with one another on the mental level.

CranioSacral Therapy in Montreux Eva Ursiny Lake Geneva Swiss

“Do not look for the light outside, find the light in you and let it shine from your heart.”


Spiritual process support Montreux

Spiritual Process Support Therapy in Montreux Eva Ursiny Lake Geneva Swiss

Modern empirical medicine—this includes forms of treatment such as Jungian psychotherapy, craniosacral therapy, hypnosis, or the transpersonal psychology method of holotropic breathing—works with expanded or transpersonal states of consciousness. The transpersonal introspective serves as support and intensification of the in-depth psychological and holistic treatment.

In order to benefit from such experiences as sustainably as possible and to integrate the essential findings from them at all levels, CranioSacral Therapy is an excellent tool. The CST is ideally suited to accompany transpersonal states of consciousness and to facilitate the access to these states.
In combination with CST, communication with the subconscious offers the opportunity to neutralize emotional trauma on a spiritual level.


Transpersonal levels

My wealth of experience as a holistic therapist goes far beyond ordinary consciousness experiences. The ongoing holistic work on myself makes it usually easier for my clients to experience extraordinary areas of the deeper psyche.

The client gets into levels of experience that are fundamentally hidden deep in the subconscious. These structures of consciousness, shielded from the waking consciousness, represent among others the transpersonal level. Through experience in this area and empathic support, the client can make optimal use of this experience. In these areas of the psyche, there are significant insights, resources, and possible solutions hidden from us in everyday life. It is crucial to find them!

Because I am fascinated with the work of the psychiatrist Dr Stanislav Grof, the founder of Transpersonal Psychology, I am committed to the in-depth trauma treatment.

  • biographical level, all experiences from this life
  • perinatal level – experiences before, during, and immediately after childbirth and
  • trans-biographical, or also called transpersonal level.
Transpersonal Art Holistic Therapy in Montreux Eva Ursiny Lake Geneva Swiss
Transpersonal Art Holistic Therapy in Montreux Eva Ursiny Lake Geneva Swiss
Transpersonal Art Holistic Therapy in Montreux Eva Ursiny Lake Geneva Swiss

“The observations in the context of experiential therapies make it clear that any psychotherapeutic approach that is limited to verbal exchange is of limited value and does not really get to the core of the problem.”

– Stanislav Grof  

Painting is a kind of holistic therapy and a form of expression of my inner life. Most of the time, my works are created through a spontaneous play of colors and shapes without first knowing how it should look exactly.

Some pictures I work on over several weeks or months with different levels shine through and give the picture depth. Sometimes I need to express myself with dynamic brushstrokes and intense colors. Depending on which phase of life I am in, my pictures also speak about it.


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