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Eva Ursiny

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“Depending on, in which phase of my life I am at, my paintings and my holotropic Artwork also speak about it.”

-Eva Ursiny

About Art

Eva Ursiny | Holotropic Artwork

In one way or another, we are all creators of our world and our lives we experience. Whether it is the material, the outer reality, we consciously act in the inner realms. In my holotropic artwork, I can process my emotional episodes or spiritual journeys.

I can express my inner realm with my brush’s playful strokes and create a new world with colors. I can form and design my worlds in this fashion, which I am happy to share with you.

Sometimes they are light and bright, occasionally gloomy and heavy.
As day and night come and go, my creative expression enables me to depict this brief moment of the NOW, which is already over. The Creator is in you too!

Eva Ursiny Craniosacral Ursy

Paint on canvas

Soul Landscapes

Painting is a way of deepening and pictorial expression of my inner life. My works are often created through a spontaneous play of colors and shapes without knowing beforehand exactly how the picture should look in the end. I create some objects over several weeks, or even months, with various levels that shine through and give the image depth.

Sometimes I need to express the emotions with dynamic brushstrokes and intense colors. Depending on which phase of life I am in, my pictures also speak about it. Because many paintings are inspired due to Holotropic Breathwork I consider the outcome of this process “Holotropic Artwork.”

For me, art is a relaxing way to portray my soul in an artistic and, above all, irrational, spontaneous way. Whatever is moving me right now, painting gives me a stable surface to depict this movement. This kind of processing helps me restore harmony and calm in myself, to find my way back to the core.

Holotropic Artwork Eva Ursiny Montreux
Holotropic Artwork Eva Ursiny Montreux

Vertical and Horizontal

Holotropic Principal in Art

Abstract painting of vertical and horizontal strokes is a type of minimalism. However, it also has a deeper level and not only represents the vertical and horizontal of perception in the holotropic paradigm. The vertical corresponds to the divine principle of connection “upwards” or “inwards.” It reflects the horizontal interaction with the world and the people in the “outside.” Just as we are connected internally, we also act with our external world.

Hence, the saying: “Take it vertically.” has some deeper philosophic and psychological implications. I want to convey a pearl of universal wisdom here. If something irritates us “out there,” we have the choice to take “it” horizontally or vertically. Either we get upset about the circumstances, people, or situations that annoy us “externally,” or we are aware of our feelings and accept them. “We own them” We take responsibility for our horizontal emotions, which allows us to explore them inside us—vertically.

These vertical and horizontal brush movements in many of my pictures are reminiscent of these inner movements’ constant interplay. This hermetic principle can be found in many holotropic artworks.

Abstract Photography

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I am a professional photographer. For me, photography is more of a tool to capture and preserve certain situations in their unique emotional mood. So this form of artistic expression is more of a hobby for me.

Still, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to present a few impressions of my photography here, because it is part of my artistic creation process. The influences of the pictures are reflected in my painting, so they deserve their place here.

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