Lucia No. 03 in Ursy, Fribourg

Lucia No.03 in Ursy, Fribourg

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The Lucia No. 03 is a meditation-inducing light device commonly referred to as the LSD lamp because it emulates visual effects usually associated with psychedelic drugs. Without any application of psychoactive substances, the computer-controlled light pattern can gently guide you on an inner journey. The Lucia can be used as a therapeutic approach in various scenarios and can be a powerful tool to relax and connect with yourself deeply.

The Meditation Lamp

Happiness and Creativity

The Lucia No.03 meditation lamp produces a computer-controlled interplay of a strobe light and a constant light. This choreography puts a person in a state between wakefulness and sleep. This state of consciousness allows seeing intense worlds of color and form, a feeling of bodilessness, a deep soothing state of relaxation, and a long-lasting feeling of happiness. This effect is used in wellness as well as in creativity.

Lucia N0. 03 Visual Effects

Light-induced visual sensations

Colors are created when light hits the eye and three color receptors in the visual brain: red, green, blue. These receptors are activated, and the optic nerve sends the signals to the back of the brain through the connection with other nerve cells. The combination of the color receptors and the interplay of light create a visual sensation.

The light impulses release DMT (dimethyltryptamine), among other things, in the pineal gland (also called the “3rd eye“) and are supplied with blood. The pineal gland is the size of a pea and is located near the midbrain. It is often stimulated in therapies with so-called “binaural beats” so that a person experiences extraordinary perceptions.

Visual Effects √

Light Spirals √

Light Pattern √

Fractals √

Lucia No.03 visual effects session in Montreux, Vaud
LSD Meditation Lamp visual effects session in Montreux, Vaud

Therapeutical Effects

Lucia Effects on body and soul

In addition, the stimulation of the pineal gland is said to have a rejuvenating and healing effect in the sense of an anti-aging method. In the therapy with Lucia N0. 03, the light impulses are supplemented with beautiful music through headphones.

The Lucia N0. 03, with its color impulses, has a variety of effects on the human body. It can induce deep relaxation or even trigger euphoric or alternative states of consciousness and release ingrained emotions in the body structure.

      • the brain is activated
      • the brain activity is measured regularly distributed
      • the two hemispheres of the brain are synchronized
      • the alpha waves are increased, and the beta waves are decreased

Anti-Aging √

Deep Relaxation √

Brain Activation √

Lucia N0. 03 Meditation

Turn the Light on!


A session with the Lucia N0. 03 Meditation Lamp lasts between 30 and 40 minutes and is accompanied by a trained Light Attendant. The session is suitable for all except people with epilepsy and is successfully used for the following conditions:

Support for inhibition to meditate and relax, for winter blues, sadness, for states of overload, for listlessness, for exhaustion, for learning and performance blocks, for restlessness before falling asleep, for circling thoughts, for inner emptiness and malaise – but also in wellness, prevention and self-care, and creativity. You can find even more information on the official website.

Appointment in Ursy

Lucia No. 03 Sessions Details & Prices

We offer Lucia N°03 sessions at our office in Ursy, Switzerland. The full service costs 80SFr for one journey. Each session takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on how much time you need to integrate the experience. For further questions, please talk to our team members.

You can further enhance your experience by combining the Lucia session with Homeopathy and Craniosacral therapy. Please read on our main page about our holistic healing approach.

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