Transpersonal Dimensions – Beyond the Brain

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Through various techniques, one initiates an expanded state of consciousness in which one can reach transpersonal dimensions. Whether these realms lie beyond the brain, everyone must experience for himself. This question revolves around the age-old debate about whether matter generates consciousness or consciousness exists fundamentally in a higher dimension and only temporarily accesses the soma, especially the brain. Already Plato and Democritus had heated debates about this.

From my experience, I can only state that the true “I” is something supra-corporeal. In my work with CranioSacral Therapy and especially with Holotropic Breathwork, I repeatedly experience how clients enter a transpersonal dimension. Realms can be explored that go far beyond death and rebirth experiences. I address utilizing these dimensions therapeutically in trauma treatment in my series of articles.

Death and rebirth experiences

Transpersonal Dimensions

Transpersonal Dimensions, which often include death and rebirth experiences, usually open the door to a transbiographical realm of the human psyche that can best be described as being “beyond the physical realm” or beyond the brain. The perinatal level of the unconscious is an area of contact between the biographical and transpersonal realms or between the personal and collective unconscious.

Occasionally, experiential access to transpersonal elements and themes can be gained directly without confronting the perinatal level. The common denominator of this very rich and expansive group of transpersonal phenomena is the sense that one’s consciousness has gone beyond the normal boundaries of the “I” and has transcended the usual limitations of space and time.

Expansion of consciousness

Expanded consciousness can be defined as transpersonal experiences or the experiential expansion or extension of consciousness beyond the ordinary boundaries of the body-ego and beyond the limitations of space and time. These experiences include a wide variety of phenomena that can occur on different levels of reality. In a sense, the entire spectrum of transpersonal experiences encompasses existence itself.

Since transpersonal phenomena are a vast spectrum of perceptions, I will give here only a few examples that we may observe during CranioSacral Therapy or similar treatments or process accompaniment:

Expansion of experience within “objective reality” and space-time beyond such as: Transcending spatial boundaries; identification with other humans, identification with animals, extraterrestrial experiences, identification with plants and botanical processes. Transcending the boundaries of linear time; ancestral experiences, embryonic and fetal experiences, memories of events in previous incarnations. Physical introversion and narrowing of consciousness; organ, tissue and cellular consciousness.

Stanislav Grof

Psychic borderlands

Expansions of experiences beyond the limits of “objective reality” and space-time; spiritualistic and mediumistic experiences, the energetic phenomenon of the subtle body, encounters with animal spirits, encounters with spiritual guides and superhuman beings, visits to other universes, and encounters with their inhabitants engage with universal archetypes… and much more.

Transpersonal therapy

Devaluation of trauma

We specifically look for these borderline experiences in transpersonal therapy because we find traumas and conflicts that elude our everyday perception in these realms. Nevertheless, these impressions are present in the psyche and shape our lives – usually not to our advantage. Such imprints suppress certain aspects of us or make us hypersensitive to certain sensations, leading to our inability to fully develop specific parts of ourselves.

In terms of individualization, it is essential to bring these traumas from the depths of the subconscious to the surface and neutralize them – we also speak here of “devaluation.” In my series of articles, I address various topics that outline the process of working through trauma and blockages. Birth trauma is one of the critical phenomena in this context, found in almost all people in varying degrees. However, this topic will discuss in a separate article.

In my follow-up article, I will explicitly address the topic of “healing and transformation through holotropic therapy.”

Further questions

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